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The Cadbury Park Philosophy

For Assisted Living & Memory Care

foto1At Cadbury Park, we have designed our communty, our culture, and our approach to care around five key areas we call the Guideposts of Living: Design, Medical & Therapeutic, Lifestyle, Family Communication, and Certification & Continuing Education.

Focusing on these key areas, our Guides are the cornerstone to creating a home for our Residents.  They provide all of the services that you would perform for your family: they assist in bathing and dressing, prepare and serve all of the meals, do the laundry, and coordinate the many activities available to our Residents. Our Guides know each Resident by name and have the flexibility to tailor daily life to the background, desires, and interests of the Resident based on details provided to our Guides on the Resident's "Key To Me" form.

Click here to view or download "The Key To Me" form. 

While we serve three “family style” meals every day, the kitchen is always open so that our Residents can eat as they would like. 

Design Guidepost - Memory Care

site-piche Cadbury Park Memory Care Design creates a family style home for our Residents. Each home has its own kitchen, living room and private quarters with baths. Two of these homes are connected by paved walkways, covered verandas, and a gated courtyard to create a secure neighborhood setting.

Our Memory Care Residents have the freedom to safely and securely explore their neighborhood and interact with their neighbors. Memory Care Residents have their meals in their home, but can take advantage of amenities and activities throughout their neighborhood.

Like most homes, the kitchen is the heart of daily life at Cadbury Park Memory Care. The minute you step inside you'll understand how the integration of meal preparation into the central living area makes for a familiar and truly home-like setting for our residents.

 Design Guidepost - Assisted Living

site-pic-altCadbury Park Assisted Living residences are located in our Commons Building so that those Residents can enjoy the more open lifestyle and integrated environment of the larger Jacaranda Trace community while taking advantage of the many special care services located there.

 Our Assisted Living features 24-hour care customized to each Resident’s needs and offers an unparalleled range of services and amenities, including wellness center, heated pool and Jacuzzi, concierge services, library, movie lounge and a regular schedule of activities.

Most importantly, Cadbury Park Assisted Living offers a truly independent lifestyle and a choice of four different floor plans to suit any individual needs. A spacious and picturesque dining room, living room, and activity area complement your suite.


Medical & Therapeutic Guidepost  

foto3s our Residents proceed on their personal pathway of life, we insure that their individual care plan is developed, supervised and regularly reviewed by qualified and specialized health care professionals.

Our Medical Director regularly reviews our overall health care program and works with our Resident’s personal physician in responding to individual issues, opportunities and challenges.

Our Nurse is located on-site 24 hours a day to assist with assessment of the cognitive and physical condition of each of our Residents and to help develop and review their associated care and medication management plans. Around the clock on-site nursing makes Cadbury Park well-suited for Residents requiring oxygen care, diabetes care, and for those having specialized medication management needs.

Our Nutritionist develops our specialized menus and assists in dealing with individual dining requirements of our Residents.

Each of our Residents also can participate in unique programs such as Aroma Therapy and Music Therapy.


Lifestyle Guidepost

Our Guides are the cornerstone of the Cadbury Park Lifestyle. For the bulk of the day, each Assisted Living Home has one Guide for every five Residents and in our Memory Care Homes we may have up to one Guide for every three Residents. This high level of staffing allows us to provide a high level of care for our Residents while helping them discover their pathway to Daily Victories.

Our Guides respond to our Resident’s opportunities and challenges by answering one simple question: What would Mom do? The answer might be to help them get up in the morning, to make them an afternoon snack, or to help them get to an exercise class. And just like Mom, our Guides want to make each day great for those we care for. A typical day at Cadbury Park would include three family style meals and a variety of events and activities in each individual home and throughout the neighborhood. Our Residents choose to participate as they desire and our Guides assist and encourage them in doing what they want to do.


Family Communication & Care Guidepost

foto5When your loved ones are dealing with the challenges of aging it affects the entire family.  At Cadbury Park, in addition to caring for your loved one we want to be there for you.  As you desire, the Guides who care for your loved one are happy to call to keep you up to date and answer any questions.

Family is welcome 24-hours per day and you are welcome to dine or attend any of our celebrations as you desire.  If you live out of the area we can also arrange for you to Skype with your loved one.  At Cadbury Park we will know our Residents and their family members.

If you ever want to see what is going on at Cadbury Park you have access to our Private Community Website that features all of activities and menus. You can even access our Community Camera and get a real time view of the common areas in your loved one's home.


Staff Education Guidepost  

foto6Cadbury Park is dedicated to insuring that all of our Guides and other staff are properly trained in helping our Residents on their personal journey.  To this end we have teamed up with the Roskamp Institute, a leading research organization dedicated to understanding and treating chronic disorders of the mind.

The Roskamp Institute has endorsed the Training Program that helps our staff understand and properly respond to our Residents that are dealing with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other memory limiting disorders.  As this is an ever changing environment, our staff will also go through regular additional continuing education through the Roskamp Institute, Alzheimer’s Association and other available resources.





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