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Medical & Therapeutic Care

Each resident has a unique care plan developed, supervised, and regularly reviewed by our Medical Director, Registered Nurse, and Registered Dietician. A typical plan ensures that proper nutrition, activity assistance, and medication management are coordinated to maximize the quality of life of Cadbury Park’s Residents. 

Assisted Living and Memory Care offer three levels of care that include:

  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living - Showers & Dressing, Medication Management, Transfer Assistance, and Incontinence Care.
  • Specialized menus to enhance physical and social well-being & interaction

Quality Professional Supervision 

  • Medical Director – Reviews the overall program and assists with individual Resident circumstances and issues as needed.


  • Nurse Consultant – Assists with the assessment of the Cognitive and Physical Health of each Resident and then reviews the development of their service plan.


  • Nutritionist - Master's Level – Develops and reviews our specialized dining for Assisted Living Memory Care. Assists in meeting the special dietary needs of Individual Residents.


  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies– Scheduled on-site services to maximize current skills and develop alternative pathways to victory


  • Medication Management – Individual Resident assistance and administration of their medications.

As our Residents proceed on their personal Pathway of life, we insure that their individual care plan is developed, supervised and regularly reviewed by qualified and specialized health care professionals. 

Our Medical Director regularly reviews our overall health care program and works with our Resident’s personal physician in responding to individual issues, opportunities and challenges. 

Our Nurse is located on-site 24 hours a day to assist with assessment of the cognitive and physical condition of each of our Residents and to help develop and review their associated care and medication management plans. Around the clock on-site nursing makes Cadbury Park well-suited for Residents requiring oxygen care, diabetes care, and for those having specialized medication management needs. 

Our Nutritionist develops our specialized menus and assists in dealing with individual dining requirements of our Residents.  Each of our Residents also can participate in our unique Aroma Therapy and Music Therapy programs.  Our Music Therapy features personalized I-Pods for each Resident.


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