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The Cadbury Park Lifestyle

The Cadbury Park Lifestyle is designed to enhance the Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Social aspects of our Residents’ life through creating a family atmosphere that provides frequent and varied opportunities for engagement. We believe this atmosphere will maximize the potential for each of our Residents by helping them to develop strong relationships and enjoy a life of quality, meaning, and purpose.

Our Guides are the cornerstone of the Cadbury Park Lifestyle. For the bulk of the day, each Assisted Living Home has one Guide for every five Residents and in our Memory Care Homes we may have up to one Guide for every three Residents. This high level of staffing allows us to provide a high level of care for our Residents while helping them discover their pathway to Daily Victories.

foto4Our Guides respond to our Resident’s opportunities and challenges by answering one simple question: What would Mom do?

The answer might be to help them get up in the morning, make them an afternoon snack or help them get to an exercise class. And just like Mom, our Guides want to make each day great for those we care for.

A typical day at Cadbury Park would include three family style meals and a variety of events and activities in each individual home and throughout the neighborhood. Our Residents choose to participate as they desire and our Guides assist and encourage them in doing what they want to do.

Family is welcome at Cadbury Park 24 hours per day and you are invited to dine with us or attend any of our celebrations. Our Cadbury Park Window camera is always on so you can view via the Internet our Common Areas at your convenience. We can also arrange for you to talk to your loved one via Skype if you so desire.

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