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Cadbury Park Resident Clubs

Cadbury Park features a wide selection of opportunities for our Residents to get involved in life. We organized these opportunities into Clubs to which our Residents can choose to belong. Our Guides lead these Clubs, sharing their skills and talents and encouraging the Residents to do the same. Our Garden and Homemakers Clubs are designed to allow the Resident to experience normal, everyday activities that may have been an important part of their life.  Games and More, The Arts, and our Fitness is Fun Clubs provide enjoyable time for social and physical development and achievement. 

New Clubs are developed regularly based on the ideas of our Guides and the desires of our Residents. Currently, we offer the following Clubs:

laundryHomemakers Club: Residents participate, as they desire, in daily housekeeping, laundry, and cooking in concert with some of our Guides. These activities give them a purpose and tie into memories of how they may have lived in the past.

gardenerGarden Club: The Garden Club assists in caring for the plants in our beautiful courtyard. They also are responsible for our raised Herb Garden. Our Residents that enjoyed gardening in the past get to continue this interest at Cadbury Park.

The Arts Club: This Club offers the Residents many opportunities to be involved with arts, crafts, and music. Art is a unique way to express feelings and emotions thru different forms such as painting, clay work and others. We utilize professionals to lead us in different projects of expression. Crafts allow the Residents to work with their hands to create small items that are decorative and/or functional. Music can be enjoyed be everyone and helps to calm agitation, bring back pleasant memories, and is fun! Residents may participate with some instruments and in sing-alongs. In addition, we develop, with the help of the family, a personal play list for each Resident and provide an iPod and headphones so they can enjoy their favorite songs whenever they choose.

fitnessFitness is Fun Club: Exercise is an important part of everyone's lives even for those with compromised mobility. Exercise is adapted to each resident's abilities and the focus is on flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and balance. This club aims at maintaining physical well-being and preventing further decline in physical functioning. A variety of sporting activities, dancing, and walking are included in this Club to make exercise both fun and invigorating.


Games and More Club: This Club is all about socialization. Residents play Board and Card Games, enjoy TV and Movies together, and work to solve stimulating puzzles and games. Some may take advantage of the telescope in the courtyard to stargaze, or spend time as a group enjoying current magazines and news.

Spirituality Club: Residents may choose to enjoy Friday night and Sunday Services featuring special guests that do spiritual and religious reading and music.

Guys Only Club: This club gives our male Residents an outlet where they can enjoy sporting events, talk about current news, and other activities of interest as a group of guys.

Adventure Travel Club: Our guides will assist our residents on a day excursion to local area points of interest for a fun activity day.


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Cadbury Park Spa, Therapy, and Beauty Services

stylingAt Cadbury Park, we believe that every Resident’s lifestyle is greatly enhanced when they look good and feel good.  With that in mind, we offer a variety of spa, therapy, and beauty services. While our Guides are always there to assist Residents in their regular daily hygiene, they can also arrange for the special personal care services that a Resident or their family may desire.  

The following services are available through the Cadbury Park Spa:

Beauty and Barber Services:  Our guides will assist residents in applying make-up, hair styling, and shaving for men.  Professional hairdressers are available for haircuts, color, and perms for an additional cost.

Manicure and Pedicure Services: Light manicures and pedicures are offered by our guides, and a podiatrist visits every 60 days to trim nails.  Professionals are also available to provide full manicures and pedicures by appointment at an additional cost.

Facials and Skin Hydration:  Our guides provide light facials, as well as hand and foot massages, for skin hydration and to help our residents feel pampered and relaxed.

massageMassage Therapy: Professional mini massages are offered consistently to all residents.  Full massages can be scheduled as desired at an additional cost.

Whirlpool Bathtub: Our whirlpool tub with essential oils provides a relaxing experience and can help with pain and anxiety.

Sensory Stimulation and Aroma Therapy: A variety of scents, textures provide residents the opportunity to recall experiences and feelings of comfort and well-being.

Daily Warm Towels: The warm Hand/facial towels before meals prepares residents for their meals and the warmth offers temporary relief to aching joints of the hands.


The Cadbury Park Lifestyle is designed to enhance the Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Social aspects of our Residents’ lives through creating a family atmosphere that provides frequent and varied opportunities for engagement.


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